Ken Meyer

 Board of Elders
 Email: mwgriese@hotmail.com

         A.    The board of elders shall consist of the elected chairman, who shall be a member of the church council, and at least one (1)  
                 other appointed member.
         B.    It shall be responsible and/or concerned for:

  1. Watching over the total spiritual welfare and life of the pastor and members of the congregation. 
  2. Visiting, counseling and encouraging members who have manifested a lack of concern for the hearing of God’s Word and the receiving of the Lord’s Supper and have shown a general disregard for the work of the church.
  3. Maintaining the ushering system and serving as the head ushers.
  4. Overseeing the worship service and its participants.
  5. Making regular reports to the church council and voters’ meetings.